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2009 Quilt Show "Stars of Enchantment"
October 2-3, 2009 at the Los Alamos Baptist Church

Our donation quilt was won by Crystal Dale, a local woman!  Congratulations Crystal!

The Winners!

Best of Show: Betty Oliphant ”Winter Wonderland"  Yeah!! Betty

Viewers choice Awards are:

          Bed quilts:    1st     Betty Oliphant            Winter Wonderland

                                   2nd    Shirley Klosterbuer   Mariner’s Compass

                                   3rd     Jacquie Krohn           Peace Garden


Kit Quilts:    1st     Kay Eccleston            Night Bloom

                      2nd     Fran Suchocki            O Tannenbaum

                      3rd      Gayla Myers                Tequila Sunrise


Wall Quilts: 1st      Nicole Dunn                Memories

                       2nd    Sue Friar                     Autumn

                       3rd     Gayla Myers                Fortieth Anniversary


Crib/Lap:     1st     Heide Payne               Peter Rabbit and Friends

                       2nd    Heide Payne               Something Fishy

                       3rd     Mada Jones                Safari Dream


Miniatures:   1st    Betty Oliphant            Crown of Thorns

                        2nd   Betty Oliphant             Untitled

                        3rd    Betty Oliphant             Baby Bricks


WAS:             1st    Shirley Klosterbuer     Quilted Jacket

2nd   Dee Martinez               My Bag

3rd    Kathy Gillespie            Full Circle


Guild Challenge

1st    Libby Carlsten             Happy Halloween

2nd   Wilma Cowan              Where’s Auntie Em?

3rd    Gayla Myers                 Greener on My Street


From our Quilt Show Chair, Judy Verzino:

Congratulations to all of you!!!!!  What a beautiful show we had thanks to all your creative talents and very hard work.  We had about 550 visitors divided equally between the two days.  The donation quilt did fantastic!  The silent auction was also much fun and profitable.  The free stuff disappeared, like anything free.  Door prizes were plentiful and so nice. Food was exceptional.  Vendors were busy and I hope they made some money.  The children's activity was fun for the kids and their parents.  We made 50 bags and had 12 left.  I felt the trunk show was well received and I know I had fun revealing each piece and hearing the ooh’s and ahh’s.  Many thanks to each and every one of you for what you did, I hope you had as much fun as I did, hard work and all.

Those of you who headed a committee, will you please send me a report--a page or two telling what you did, what worked and what didn’t and anything else you feel is pertinent.  Also I would like to know how much you spent, just for further reference.  Make sure you give your bills to Shelly.


Guess that does it, so thanks again, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and see you next year. 

Take care,  Judy Verzino


Los Alamos Piecemakers
Post Office Box 261
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544